dying of anticipation

so, i'm dying here almost literally, alison is ging to send out the sockpalOOOza matches and i've checked my email a dozen times already i'm dying to start. but how can i yet ugh the suspense is killing me. can you tell i'm a first timer. i really ought to be working on my omework but who can write code at a time like this??? oh well i'm off to lunch maybe there will be email waiting for me when i get back. i hope i hope!!!

well i got my match and i'm soooo excited! i'm headed to knitpicks now to order my yarn. woooo hoooo! then off to the grocery to get koolaid this weekend. if i can wait that long. i guess i'll have to as i won't have the yarn yet....geez the suspense is killing me! so much fun!


Anonymous Sockpal2006 said...

Well ... I'm not the person you're knitting for, but I am the person who is knitting for you! I can't wait to start your socks as well!! Hopefully you've gotten your match by now.

Blogger Wanda said...

It is fun waiting to get your match. I decided to sit this one out. It was fun last year though. Hope you enjoy the experience!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

wow, my sock pal has been to my blog! eeeeee. exciting! i can't wait to see what kind of socks i'll get! i hope she keeps me posted! i don't want to know everything but teaser hints are fun ;)


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