so tuesday is pint night at the walnut in boulder. and on wednesday's my quantum homework is usually due. so...i did a ton of work today trying to finish homework. an dmy brain melted so further coherence has been ruled out. :) i had lab this morning. and we set up an experiment thats supposed to test experimentally the concept of fourier interference. if you're felling a little confused you're not the only one. i was totally lost but after 4 hours of playing with a laser, and a bunch of lenses, and a slide with a tiny picture of a horse we were able to flip the little picture of the horse onth wall upside down and backwards... isn't that great??? yeah anyway. that was my day. oh and then after 5 hours of homework one of the girls and i went for a beer. :) and now i'm thinking i'll knit. but that was my day! somebody remind me again why i'm studying physics??? oh yeah cause i'm almost done...right...93 days and counting...

SockpalOOOza thoughts
so i've been daydreaming about what i want to knit now that i'm thinking about color you know...and i've been thinking, maybe jaywalker but i'd kinda like to do something different or maybe something in a feather and fan. i like the movement of those you know. but what i've really been thinking is what about an adaptation of the wavy scarf on knitty...ooooooo...that would be neat. i mean it is ribbing right? i bet it would work. hmmmmm. thinking thinking. if you have any great ideas let me know. but i'm sure i'll come up with something fun :)


Anonymous sockpal2006 said...

I finally have your yarn all picked out! From what I see around your blog, I think you will like it. Now to decide on a pattern. . . . Did you decide on a color for your sock pal's socks yet?

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

i actually haven't decided on a color yet i thought i'd wait til the yarn gets here to decide for sure. and there's always the chance it won't turn out how i like. just have to keep my fingers crossed. eyyyyyyyyyyeee yarn picked out and everything? the suspense is killing me!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

forgive me. one should not type when tipped...just as one should not dila when drunk. :)


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