hogwarts sock swap (year 1)

yup. thats right i've sent off my swap package for hogwarts sock swap ...unfortunately via muggle post. sigh. have i ever told you how much i hate the post office? apparently the box i was recycling from starbucks wasn't good enough and i had to repack the goodies at the post office into a priortiy box at wich point they couldn't find me any tape so they made me use the priority mail tape but i couldn't tape up the box the guy did it for me so he went around the box 3 different ways. he taped my scribbled address onto the box from my notes sheet. wouldn't le tme go get alabe or anything and half the address got covered by priority mail tape but its fine...what? anyhoo. i hoep it gets where it is supposed to go. i'll be blogstalking to make sure it does :)

what was in said oddly taped package you say? well...

socks of course. bertie botts. plus regular and sour flavored beans. some dark chocolate for the witch or wizard with more evil tastes. cow tales taffy (a rather odd muggle sweet) double pointed socky needles (un spelled for self knitting of course) hand made stitch markers (see below) and some coffee komodo dragon (i thought it was appropriate. whadda ya think?)

oh and here's a closeup of the stitch markers i make of polymer clay
a caulron, crystal ball, and set of spellbooks. a hufflepuff sweater and some socks. a badger and witches hat. i do hope my pal likes them.

oh and since i forgot to take a photo of sock number 2 after i completed it here's sock 1 again for giggles. just imagine that i inverted the colors and you'll know what sock 2 looks like :) maybe my pal will try on the sockies and post a photo. i'll keep my eyes peeled and link you over if she does :)

and yes, it says year one at the top because i've signed up for year two. what can i say i'm a glutton for punishment :)

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Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

those swap goodies are awesome. Makes me sad i didn't know about this until it was too late.

Blogger Cheryl said...

Gorgeous and the stitch markers are amazing

Anonymous heide said...

Adorable stitch markers!

Anonymous Stacy said...

Oh, lovely! I especially like the stitch markers you made. Oh, to be a Hufflepuff on the receiving end of that package!

Blogger Meike said...

Those are the best stitch markers I have ever seen! Your pal will love them!

Anonymous Diane said...

Fab markers! And the socks are stunning - Your pal's going to love them.

Thanks for popping by my blog - and yes, a raglan top ;-)

Blogger KWC said...

I am a hufflepuff, Maybe, could it be me? I hope
Cheers Kathleen

Blogger Jen Smith said...

ooooh, me want me want! A fabulous package for me to envy. We Hufflepuffs are so spoilt, I love it!

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Man, that's a wonderful package. I do like the red herring socks too, very nie. The stitch markers are awesome!

Blogger Zee said...

lookie! the wee lil plants! :)


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