a break in the rain



up to my eyeballs

in photos, letters, and scraps of genealogy compiled by family members and collected (rescued) from dad's house.  my step mom was ready to trash the lot...3 whole boxes of photos back to my great- great- greats, diaries, school papers, news clippings...and then some

i'm in heaven and i'm in hell. 
how to organize? 
ancestry is helping but i just get more information on top of what i have from there.  and i don't want to upload everything.  i'd rather not continue the subscription indefinitely, it gets a little expensive.

i'll keep you posted.  and if i find an exceptional photo i'll post it here.  the scanner is on order and then i have a whole other project to start.  digitizing it all. 
whew :)

we'll talk about the 5 crates of slides that i rescued another time...



want to lose almost 24 hours straight? 
go sign up for a free 2 week trial of ancestry.com

what a trip!

now if i can just con dave into letting me fib that we're married i can track down his family too!


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