so before the good news, th esorta bad. i got my quantum test back. i got a 34...the kid next to me got a 38, (i saw, not supposed t look but i couldn't help it), and some other guy got a 64. in theory most of the grades are between upper 30's to mid 50's so its not th eend of the world. an dhe said we're all gonna pass...its just kinda disheartening to ge th elowest grade in the class...even if there are only 11 of us.
on to bette rnews. i ripped out the heel flap that i made before, i've never liked the heel flap with picked up stitches route. i'm terrible at picking up stitches and itnever looks right when i make a sock that way... but i figured i'd try it...but it never looks right...and it didn't this time, so i ripped. again, and i decided to go back to the old standby. shortrow heel. i'm 2 repeats into the instep and things are going well. i panicked shortly when i thought i might not have enough yarn then i realized that koigu is only 175 yds a ball. and the pattern calls for 2 balls so in theory i'm 50 yards over the requirement. keep your fingers crossed though :)


Blogger Wanda said...

Sorry about the test. I hope it gets better.


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