so i've ordered my yarn, and its not here yet. i chose the free shipping method. ugh. i've chased 2 fedex trucks down the street already. i'm starting to understand the dog's hatred for those trucks. anyway. the knitpicks wool of the andes dye your own is on the way. now i have a question for you. i'm gonna dye this stuff and i'm having a terrible time choosing the colors! they have samples of the colors on yarn in this article from knitty. its at the bottom of the page. take a look and tell me what you think! i'm planning to do half the hank in one half in the other so it will pseudo stripe but you know its hard to tell what will happen when its knit so just pick your favorite combo! thanks for your input :)

what color should i dye my sockpalOOOza socks?
grape / switchin secret
black cherry / grape
changin cherry / blue moon berry
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oh, and i've sent a teaser email to my sock pal. so exciting! and i've been getting comments from my pal! hhahahhaha
too much fun. ok, i'm gonna quit procrastinating and hit the books!


Blogger alison said...

Oooh, I love kool-aid dyeing. So much fun! Thanks for letting us help pick the colors. :)

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks so much to everyone who is voting! this is so much fun. and keeps me excited while i wait for my yarn to arrive :)


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