so my mom, dave, and i went to the alpaca extravaganza in longmont today. and no i'm sorry, i don't have photos. but i did get so see my mom making kissy faces with one of the sweet super soft beasties! of course they all seemed to run away from dave. i don't know why. maybe they thought his baldness was contagious? whatever it was they put their ears back or just ran away :) and guess what. i didn't even buy anything! i looked but didn't find anything i couldn't live without. however, dave showed interest in raising alpacas...i know i should be extatic. but really, i'm just confused!

we went snowboarding at beaver creek yesterday. or i tried to. i wasn't feeling well and ended up sitting out the day. and i have to say, i think i shouldn't knit when i feel bad...i tried to cast on and starrt on my second sockpaloooza sock, i finished about an inch and a half, and the lace pattern came out all crooked so i'll have to rip them out. i just can't give anything to someone that looks this funny! ah well i guess i get to cast on again.

well i'm off to do homework or lie in bed or something i can't decide which :)


Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

haha baldness being contagious. i love it.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

oh also dave thought he might have to invest in denim...seeing as he doesn't really own any.


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