vanity takes a back seat...

for the sake of my sanity. dave's been after me for weeks to go to the doctor. see i have been getting these terrible headaches. every afternoon. i do homework in the afternoon, i just figured i was allergic. then i thought about it. i get headaches when i knit too. really bad one last night while i was working on the socks on size zeroes...so i dug out my reading glasses tonight, i've knit 2 pattern repeats and amazing thing, no headache. i guess the glasses are here to stay i could get away without them before :( oh well. i guess i'm getting old. good thing is the glasses match the yarn :)


Blogger Cathi said...

Those colors look great- your sock pal is so lucky to be receiving custom dyed socks!

And hey, you can hang out with old fogey me- although I think we're the same age, or at least close, right?

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

and we're not old....we're only ...23...
ok i'm crossing my fingers behind my back but its only a little lie.

and my frined amy's birthday was yesterday and one of the guys told her happy 23 (and she's not) and we're the same age, so i'm sticking with that. ;)


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