FO report

yet another belated FO report

these are the twisted rib socks that i made on my trip to texas to visit dad and family over christmas holiday. i never got around to posting a photo, actualy never gotto take the photo til a couple days ago. i wore them once, tossed them into the laundry pile and when the wash was done there was only one sock i was so upset. see the washer sometimes steals things i'm convinced of it. but i finaly did find the second sock. whew. way worse than second sock syndrome, it would have been third socksyndrome!!!

so here they are
sockotta sock yarn
knit on 2 circs (addi #1)
i used the hourglass heel and made up the rest!!!


Blogger Wanda said...

Sorry you have to rip out your mom's sweater. It looks great. Those socks look good too.

Anonymous SockPal2006 said...

What nice socks! Don't worry, I'll be dropping by occasionally give you a little teaser about your socks. I'm trying to decide now on color ... too many lovely colors and types of yarn to choose from.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

wanda - i know i'm just sick about the sweater i don't have the heart to do it! and its only abou 4 inches i'm just a dork i wasn't thinking. did all that on the way to snowboard last weekend (the part i have to rip) i was so excited about all the progress too :( thanks though :)

sockpal2006 - wow i know what you mean about deciding colors i'll be doing the same soon!


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