so i've had several people ask and i guess i'll just get this over with. dave and i did get back together just before christmas. we weren't talking about it at first. mostly because i didn't want to, i wasn't sure... you know how it goes. anyway. and no i didn't make him crawl on the floor begging and groveling etc. but we're happy. so there i said it. whew. and for those of you who always wondered what he looked like...this isn't recent but how much do people change in looks once they're adults. i mean guys hell we girls change our hair once a week sometimes. but anyway. this is dave. hiking in rocky mountain park, fourth of july 2 years ago. i'm gonna get in so much trouble for posting this ;)

and heres the stupid question that i never bothered to ask him but now i'm wondering. is our anniversary the new one or the old one??? hmmm. anyway school soon, ice skating tonight, snowboarding tomorrow. busy day i'd better get to it :)


Anonymous michaele said...

i was wondering about that - but I couldn't remember if Dave was the name of the guy or not. Well, groveling or no, I hope this is a good move for both of you.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

yes this is a good thing. :)

Blogger Wanda said...

If you're both happy together, then I am happy for you. He better not pull any of that same stuff again like last summer or we'll have to collectively kick his a$%! I'm glad that you're happy. I just heard you mention his name more and more, so I wondered. But I'm nosy, so you can always tell me if I am being too nosy. :-)

Blogger Cathi said...

Congrats! I was thinking that maybe you did. I'm glad that you're happy.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

not nosy its fine i forgot to say anything here. thanks for the concern i'll make sure to tell him i'll have backup this time. but i don't think there will be any problems :)


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