sockpalOOOza update

so i stopped by the stitchin den the other day to say hi to sue, and for one found out that they are closing their doors to move to estes. crummy huh? i have to find a new yarn shop to hang out at. and sue has to find a new job. lame. i also found this reinforcing yarn, could i have dyed a better match? i don't think so!!!

i also splurged a little. i picked up a dale pattern book, and the winter '03 IK. i've been eyeing one of the sweater patterns in it for a while. naughty naughty. i don't have time for more patterns...
anyway. i was just going to start on the heel, when i decided to try on the sock to see how it was coming along, see it looked a little small...but i wasn't sure, i've been warned several times about cankles...

and it was too small it nearly ripped when i tried to pull it past my heel. so i had to rip back to the ound of decreases (about halfway back...) to here, can you believe it? all that beautiful progress. ripped back to here. i did this at the at the littleton knitting meetup at the tattered cover friday night (i should have been studying for my quantum exam. shhh)

and have since reknit it back to where i was and then some, i'm halfway done with the heel flap

but i can't work on it any more until i study. i'm afraid this test is going to kick my ass...see the professor is a bit of a hard-ass. we have to memorize everything! ack scary. We've gotten a sheet of formulas in the past. but no more :( we don't have a textbook, we have like 7. we're supposed to stare at them until it all makes sense ... i don't even have all the books...

cross your fingers for me ok? it's on monday night.


Blogger Jenifer said...

I didn't realize Sue had a blog! I had heard that they're closing ... wow. So, do they have good sales going on right now??

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

no sales. they're just going to move the inventory to estes. :P how rude!


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