ok, i have to go to sleep i just had to share a photo of the first pattern repeat. i love this its great :) i'm not doing the purl rows, all knit all the time! i want to make a smoother sock, i think the purl rows would be bumpy. i think it willl be more comfortable this way. and whats the point if you can't wear them???


Anonymous sockpal2006 said...

I love your hand-painted yarn! And the picot edge looks great! Are these the socks for your sockapal000za pal? I am a Knitting Olympian so I am afraid that your socks are sitting staring at me while I knit on my Olympic project but I swear that I am still thinking about knitting them and even still trying to decide what pattern to use for them!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

yups this is the first of my sockpalOOza socks. i had so much fun knitting last night but i should have been doing homework. and machining class came way tooo early this morning! no more late night knitting. i'll have to start taking the bus so i can knit! wow i wish i could see your blog to see what you're knitting. i don't mind you're working on that. i have 10 things on needles most of the time so i know how it is to work on other stuff. just have fun and knit. thats the point right? no guilt :)


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