so i need a little advice. i'm always nervous when start a pair of socks...see the sock is 8 inches around at the leg...my sock pal has an 9 inch circumference toebox...am i in trouble? i mean are they big enough theres a fair amount of stretch...cause i'd hate to make hugenormous socks...or tiny feet amoutating socks... i've got a few pair that just stand out around my leg and i hate that....hmm. whadda ya think?


Anonymous michaele said...

someone told me to take the measurement, and then subtract 10%. That way the sock will be elastic rather than loose.

You could also increase stitches at the foot to make it wider there, if that's your concern.

Of course, I've never finished a sock, so what do I know?

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks michaele, that makes sense. the pattern has decreases for the narrower part of the uper ankle so maybe its just got shaping. who knows and i think it might be ok. its jus that initial is it gonna be ok kinda freak out :) also i think my pal and i have the sae size feet so i should be able to try them on when i get a little further :)

Blogger CynCyn said...

do you have the book sensational knitted socks? or i hear the book "socks plain and fancy" has great directions for socks as well. all I know is that socks that give you cankles are socks that don't get worn.


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