kooliad dying

so if you want to get strange looks at the grocery store...

no we're not cooking up strange new drugs.
we're sugaring ourselves and preparing to dye yarn! knitpicks dye your own sock yarn. we decided to practice on our skeins before attempting to dye the yarn for my sock pal.

and we decided that the color would not be dark enough if we went with the prescribed 1 packet per ounce...

so we wnet back to the store to get more koolaid and for more strange looks
(at this point we're up to 56 packs total)

now thats more like it, much better color.

and its so neat to see the different colors available! 2 completely different blues :)

and with a little more foresight we would have realized the dish we were using was not going to fit in the microwave...

ok a little reorganization and we're ready to go!

and didn't it turn out gorgeous! i'm keeping this one!

shirley decided to do purple red and orange,
isn't it wierd the purple looks black on the yarn

(shirley and i wore some old scrubs i had lying around the house so we wouldn't ruin our clothes.)
shirley's color choices turned out beautiful as well.

and finally i decided to try out the dye a whole skein method. doesnt this look gross?

and i didn't like the end result at all! not nearly as lively as the othe rtwo skeins

so i gave it a facelift this morning, so much better! mind you i had to make anothe rtrip to the store i had to pick up another 8 packs of koolaid...66 all together to get gorgeous bright color! AND NO, NONE OF IT WASHED OUT IN THE RINSE IT ABSORBED IT ALL!!!

i'll start knitting on my sockpalOOOza socks as soon as this stuff dries and i can con someone into holding it while i wind it into a ball :)


Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks! and in our defense we used way more than the reccomended dosage. about 20+ packs of koolaid per skein. shirley's colors were black cherry, grape, and orange. 9 packs grape 9 black cherry and 5 orange, each mixed with about 1/2 tablespoon of water per pack, so super dense color but it absorbed it all. i think it was about the same for th eblue green maybe a little more koolaid since the colors weren't coming out as bright as i liked and the red on the final skein was strawberry black cherry mixed, with a pack of berry blue mixed in with the grape for the purple, of course thats all over a pale grape base coat.


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