ice skating

so i haven't posted about this yet cause i'm still thinking it was a really bad idea... see, i haven't skated since i was like 7...

here's the boys (dave a nd a friend of his from work) pretending to kick me... i'm still on the floor cause nobody told me how you're supposed to get up on those thingeys!!!

and i was actually doing ok. except for the one time i tried to stop. i crashed into the glass and slid down like a squashed bug :)

rink time during oppen skate at CU 0$
skate rentals at the rec center 1$
not being able to snowboard the next day cause my feet are giant blisters priceless :)


Blogger Wanda said...

Oh no! the pic of you on the floor, that's just wrong. It sounds like it was fun though.


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