rip is the word of the day

so i had been working on this:

my so called scarf and it was all wobbly on the edges and i didn't like the way it was turning out so...

i really love this yarn i'll have to think of what i can do with it now...i have three balls (about 250 yards all together. noy much i know but its bulky weight so maybe it will work for something...i'll have to brainstorm.

so i've been a little down about knitting and not looking forward to knitting anything and wanting to cast on for something new...and i decided i would just hurry up and finish shirley's mittens. so i decided to cast on. and i have been working right along. they'd be really cute...if shirley had 2 left hands doh. so i ripped back to just before the thumb gussett... thats almost to the ribbing oh well i guess maybe they will go more quickly this time since i'm more familiar with the pattern now...i mean it took forever the first time writing it all up as i went. so we shall see :) keep your fingers crossed.


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