i'm an idiot!

so i was trying to take a photo of the hooded sweater that i've been making for my mom...but someone wanted to see what the camera thingy was all about...i've only had it 3 years oh well...
for those of you who don't know this is neige

anyway heres the latest photo of the sweater i've been ignoring it. rather i've been hiding from it.

see i thought of this great idea. i wouldn't make it in pieces and seam later i would just knit the whole thing up in the round super easy right? well just after the pocket on the front i was supposed to start on the button placket for the front...do you see a button placket??? d'oh. and another thing, see, its supposed a drop sleeve sweater...and i never left a hole for the arms...do you see where i'm going with this? i'm gonna have to rip out like 4 inches of this i'm such an idiot!!! so i haven't worked on it lately i've been working on these instead

i wanted to take some progress sphotos but i've been knitting at 2 am lately and just got around to taking a photo. hopefully shirley will forgive me for trying them on. i was planning to make her felted ballet slippers for christmas, but i never got around to it, then school started ya know. anyway. she went skiing with dave and i a few weeks ago and she found a pair of my brown sheep mittens in the car and threatened to keep them. so i decided she would like mittens better. and i've been wanting to make a pair of the hobo mitten/gloves so i figured here's my chance. this photo was taken just after the fingers were finished. i've just picked up stitches across the back of the hand to make the mitten top. i'm working round and round on that and will post a completed photo of lefty soon :)


Blogger Wanda said...

The glove is looking great! Shirley is so lucky. So what's up with you and Dave? Oh and thanks for the offer of help. I got the button stuff figured out, they were just too big and once I took the width down, they worked just fine on the page.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

mitten top part about 1/3 done didn't knit last night got wrapped up in a ghost mystery book more tonight i'm sure!


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