i admit it was pride that drove me to haul out the sock yarn today. and a little bit of rivalry. but shame rules now. you see i thought i might have as many pair in my stash as dee. but i find my sock stash meager and at the same time shameful. i have not nearly as many pair as she, but far too many pair to actually knit... no more sock yarn for me. i can knit another 45 pair of socks. i currently have 3 pair on the needles.

i went through the rest of the stash and got out all the wool ease and all the other ick yarn from my stash and it is set aside to take to a charity craft thrift shop. now thats a good place to support. :) it also makes a little space in the stash :)

so i have a little space, tons of sock yarn, and i realized that i don't need any more sweater yarn either. i can make at least 5 or 8 sweaters easy from the stash. so no more. i have to be good when i go to the woolmarket! well....maybe i can spring for some nice heathery or tweedy brown wool for a cardigan. i've been dying to make a nice wool cardigan for years. i'll let you know what i find when i get back from colorado :)

thats right i forgot to mention. dave is going to be all by his lonesome for a week and a half while i head home :) mom made plans for my cousin to visit too! we're going thrift store shopping. woo hoo. and kay (cousin) has never been to denver so we're going to tour the denver mint and the celestial seasonings tea factory. i can't wait to hit the peppermint room. they say it is life altering. or at least it clears the sinuses...then we're going to hit my all time favorite restaurant, oscar blues. it's a lyons tradition for us. then it's off to estes park for a couple of days. we'll check out the wool market, go hiking in rocky mountain national park, and stop in on some of the cool little shops in estes. and if i'm lucky we'll hit the the candy apple place. yum. so that's the plan. at least for the first couple of days. we shall just have to wait and see what other mischief we get up to :)

i will take tons of pictures of course. i promise ;)



Blogger Dee said...

Oh my --- yarn AND candy apples? What could be better than that.

Add another pair of sock yarn to my stash. I won a blog prize today --- 2 skeins of Koigu!

So ---- it's 103 now.


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