colorado trip part 3

when we got to estes we hit the grocery store for firewood, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers... kay had never had a real smore before! we then headed up to the y-camp to settle in for the night.

my first morning in estes park at the y-camp started bright and early. mom woke me with the birdies. or even a little before to watch the sunrise.

i love how the snow on the mountains goes all pink at sunrise

for breakfast we had fruit salad and bagel pieces fried in butter. if you've never tried this, do. it is just decadent. obviously the diet was on hold for this trip!

we headed in to town to do a little window shopping. it is so fun to wander in the shops up there. there are so many pretty things to look at and so many touristy junk shops. it is highly entertaining!

i only gave in to the cheese factor once this trip. it is always so hard. but look at this little guy. isn't he cute. he's only about 2 inches tall. i think he needs socks. i have tons of yarn leftover from my colofornia socks. maybe i can make him a teeney little pair :)

he's the new gravity mascot!

we looked around in all the shops we wanted and then it was time to grab snacks! we got a candy apple (granny smith with caramel rolled in pecan pieces) and a bag of candies from the old fashioned candy shop. they had a bunch of things i hadn't seen since the last time we were in estes! we grabbed lunch at a little italian bistro and headed back to the camp. mom and i played miniature golf - I THINK WE WERE BOTH AT LEAST 30 OVER PAR- and we watched the sun go down over the mountains. the deer and elk wandered through camp grazing on grass and flowers while we watched. it was a really neat place to be! i'd never been to the estes park location but we have stayed at the grand lake location a few times.

before we left saturday morning i made sure to take some last minute photos.

i used photoshop to stitch together the view from or cabin :)

as always, click for big

you just have to love the timer function on your camera :)



Blogger Dee said...

What a cute bear! Yes, he needs SOCKS and a hat too.

Great picture of you and your Mom and????

Glad you had a good time and I can absolutely see why you want to get back to Colorado! It's GORGEOUS!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

sorry that is me, mom, and cousin kay :)


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