sonoma county to be exact.

you know you actually live here when your day off involves an errand to pick up a couple bottles that would otherwise be very hard to find.

by the way we have beautiful weather right now. absolutely beautiful.

today consisted of an half an hour drive through gorgeous country. over the hill, through some hayfields, past a few vineyards, and a couple of dairies. i arrived at my destination to pick up some wine for a wedding present for a friend. and some for the household stash of course. turned around. and repeat. did i mention the gorgeous drive.

yes i think it is beginning to sink in.
i live in california.

oh i forgot to mention lunch...

a nice sauv blanc, country style bread, apple, dry aged jack, and baby swiss cheeses.
all local.

of course there is some knitting time to immediately follow.
i think i could die happy.

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Blogger Dee said...

Oh man .... now I know why you were so happy to leave.

Lunch looks really good!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

i'm telling you you guys have to come and visit!


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