well, "finally" is what sue of mew mew's will say when she receives a package in the mail next week :)

you see the thanksgiving before last i was in colorado. and i offered to knit up new store sample clogs for her when i stopped in to the shop. well. the yarn went into the suitcase. then into the stash. and i promptly forgot. because who thinks of felted wool clogs in orlando? right?

well i just saw sue week before last.
and guess what!
they're done!
and they're my colors.

but alas i don't get to keep them.

project specs:

fiber trends felted clog women's size medium.

kraemer yarns mauch chunky single stranded, mc - kiwi, cc - buterscotch

boye size 13 interchangeables (ick i know but i only use them for felting)

i knit the inner sole from the cc.
the upper clog from the mc.
then the cuff in the cc.
i then knit the outer clog (exceptt fo rthe last row) in the mc.
I knit that last row in the cc. then attached the sole and knit one more row to bind off*.

and because of the mods i made i only had to use 2 balls of yarn!!! super slick huh? she gave me three to use but i'm sending the extra back to sue with the slippers. i used this same kind yarn to knit up mom's slippers that i took to her over vacation. we felted those up and she loves them. but she has homework. i forgot to take a photo. so she has to take one and send it to me. oops. we'll see how long that takes :) so at some indeterminate time in the future you will be able to see how this yarn felts up. i liked knitting with it for the most part. i don't know why but it made my nose itch. that usually only happens with angora. i don't get it :(

* i call this the faux bumper. for those of you not familiar with the pattern you can knit an extra row with tons of increases to make this big floppy "bumper" on the clog. i don't like it. you trip over it. but i like the color contrast. so this is what i came up with to combat klumsy slippers :)



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