colorado trip part 1

a couple of weeks ago i got up at o-dark-thirty to hop a plane to colorado.
i cast on for a new pair of socks while i was waiting for my plane.

and got started with my tunes going on the i-pod...
and i knit,
and i knit.
i boarded the plane,
and i knit some more.
i finally looked up from my knitting...

and it was almost time to land.
who knew.
good music and good yarn.
what a wonderful combination.

mom has moved since i left colorado. i finally got to see her new place. can you tell why she picked it? can you tell we're related? not just the haircut, but our insatiable love of all things growing.

pansies, cosmos, shasta daisies, and icelandic poppies

bird of paradise, shasta daisies, lime tree, peonies, broccoli and cauliflower, delphinium, flax, nasturtium, zucchini, summer squash, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, sugar snap peas, bush beans, columbine, snap dragon, 3 kinds of roses, dusty miller, red and green leaf lettuces, carnations, holly hocks, tulips, daffodils, violas, and a dozen others we couldn't name because they weren't yet blooming, and a few i've never seen before.

she took this apartment because the leasing agent said she could plant anything she wanted to in those two beds - except corn. no hardship there. corn isn't very pretty. i just wish i had taken a photo the day i left. it had been raining in denver for a week or so and this bed was a riot of color.

her apartment backs up to an open courtyard/park that has a couple of ponds. the ponds attract geese and ducks. one of the neighbors likes to feed the geese. about two dozen geese stand at his window - looking in - until feeding time. twice a day.

this guy got there first.

the babies weren't in as big of a hurry. aren't they sweet?



Blogger Dee said...

Your Mom's garden is gorgeous. Such PINK!!!

I think I know where they got the term "ugly duckling" --- ugly gosling?

They are kind of cute in an ugly-sort-of-way.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

oh i know aren't they funny looking? and the pansies are just gorgeous. it is sad it will be too warm for them soon!


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