a little knitting update

well on the return trip i didn't have a window seat and i guess it is just as well. it was cloudy the whole way back.

i did get to finish up my colofornia socks though check them out!

i have been reading cookie a's sock book. and i had been thinking about how to make stitch patterns do more than just cover an area knitted fabric. i played with several different ideas and came up withthe following:

i started the stitch pattern at te top f the toe and created a diagonal triangle out from the center of the toe by tiling stitch pattern components. here i'm not explainin gwell check out the original pattern here. and take a look at my notes:

see how the pattern lends itself to the modification i made? i really like the pointy toe. as i worked along i decided i had to change the heel up a bit too!

i inverted the changes i made to the pattern on the toes for the heel. i wanted a longer stretch of stockinette on the heel so that the socks would wear a little more smoothly in shoes. it looks neat too.

the stitches in my socks came out more lacey than the seem to have in the ones shown on knitty. i don't know why that is. but they came out great i think.

pattern: coupling
yarn: trekking xxl overdyed by yours truly.
needles: knitpicks nickel size 0
mods: used stitch pattern to create a diagonal pattern for toe and heel.

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Love the color of the yarn too.


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