day tripping

last week we had a friend of dave's in town to visit. jon had never been to northern california so you know what that means :)
wine tasting.
and a whole lot of walking :)
we went wine tasting 2 different days and headed down to san francisco another.
one of the wine days we spent up in the russian river valley. they are famous for their pinot noir up there. and i have to say they were good. great even. but i'm a zinfandel girl so that is what i came home with. not white zin. please don't confuse youself there. eeeeww! bright fruity with just a hint of tannins and wow. wonderful flavor! mind you i was just taking the tiniest of sips. i was the DD. which means that dave and i would share a tasting. which is more than enough even if i wasn't the driver. we hit about 4 vineyards. and a place that makes hard ciders. let me tell you i love cider. not the sticky sweet stuff. crisper and drier. now that's for me!

after we finished up tasting we took the road on out to the coast. it is just all so close so why not! we saw where the russin river heads for the ocean. and walked along the beach for a while. i just love the rocks along the coast. there are thes tiny little beaches in the curve of a cliff. with big angry looking rocks off the shore. i can only imagine how terrifying it would have been to sail this coastline years ago before it was charted!

if you can't tell i'm a bit of a shutterbug. i just can't help it. i want to be able to share all the beautiful sights with you here. and i also want to see if i find something worth saving you know? a little bit of every trip stored away in my computer. that way i can visit whenever i like :)

afterwards we headed back towrds petaluma. jon's aunt and uncle lived there for years and he was keen to see the old buildings. i guess his uncle helped build a bunch of them way back when petaluma was young. neat huh?

afterwards we went to a local restaurant, the central market, that specializes in fresh local foods. it was all as organic. farm fresh. and free range. yum! they don't even have a freezer so you know wha tyou are getting is as good as it gets! the atmosphere was very relaxed. but the food was to die for! if you are ever in the area i suggest you check it out.

every tuesday night they have a different wine promoter in to the restaurant to do a wine tasting with the guests. we tried out the wine, of course. it was from the mendocino area just a bit further north of us than we have ranged so far. i think that is where we have to head next. we've been to sonoma, napa, and now the russian river valley.



Blogger Dee said...

How cold was that ocean water???

When we were in Santa Monica I dipped in my toes. I was going no further in!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

yes the water was ridiculous cold. somewhere i think dave has a picture of me wading. i couldn't feel my feet!


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