a little bit crazy

a lotta bit fun

a while back i joined the sock.knitters.anonymous. group over on ravelry.
cause i gotta admit.
i have a problem.

they have these neat sockdown challenges that encourage you to stretch your knitting wings a bit.
so far i haven't joined in, but the july challenge is to knit socks using fairisle, colorwork, or intarsia!

now you may remember that once upon a time i did a little bit of this. and it was tough. but it was great. having conquered my fear of lace i think it's time to face a little more of my fear. i've wanted to knit the venezia sweater from interweave knits - well since it came out. but i just can't bring myself to do it.
it's huge.
but socks.
now that's doable.

my plan.
knit a pair of socks using the charts from venezia
i want to stick to two colors so i don't lose my mind.
more than i already have that is.
so here goes nothing!

whadda ya think?

good color choices?
the color names are coffee bean and latte.
hey, what can i say?
maybe i have more than one kind of problem :)

i told you i was gonna get into more of that yarn!

now here's the kicker.
i can't cast on til july...

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Blogger Dee said...

That's tomorrow! You don't have long to wait.

Blogger lesley said...

i know. but it seems like an awfully long time!

Blogger lesley said...

and they are cast on. granted that's all i did, no stitches knit but now it's time to go to bed :)


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