remember these?

well i've been getting a lot of flack lately for not finishing these.
and then for not posting about these guys. girls.
whatever you wanna call 'em.
the thigh highs.

they go all the way up.

well after completion i gave them a bath.

like the high tech knitting bathtub?

unfortunately the dye bled a little on these.
i'm not sure why.
they didn't bleed when i rinsed the yarn after dying.
does eucalan normally do that?

anyhoo. they got blocked.

to the appropriate length.

very tidy see ;P
i was so over it at this point.
tidy blocking out the window.
just get it done!

and i found two different ribbons that coordinated fairly well i think.
of course dave doesn't understand why the socks don't have matching ribbons...
i have another piece cut in each color.
i'm just not sure which the recipient would prefer...

arty photos now :)

girly things steamer trunk.

and the laundry line version

sock specs
dearest pixy*

sock body done in kona superwash sport hand painted by me,
toe, heel, and top contrast done in dale baby ull lavender

my own

foot and lower leg 1's
upper leg 2's

start - january '07
finish - july '07

all in all a very fun knit. i got tired of these from time to time. but it was lots of fun to make the shaping work and figure out how they would look. now we just cross out fingers that they'll fit. :) if i did this or other thigh highs in the future i might knit with a yarn with a bit more memory. the merino is just so soft i'm not sure how they will hold their shape. the ribbon is only for decoration so no help there. but pix does have gater belts so she can always go that route. sigh. i guess all there is to do is to pop them in the mail!

*promises modeled photos as soon as weather permits the wearing of wool



Blogger Dee said...

Wow! That is a boatload of knitting. They turned out very pretty. I can't wait to see how they look on a person!

Congrats on the finish!

Anonymous Janet said...

It's about time! When did we dye this yarn? February? (I realize I have no room to talk). They look awesome...congrats on finishing. :)

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Those are just gorgeous! Love the ribbon too, so cute.


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