monkeying around

you may just remember this yarn i dyed last whenever with jenifer.

well i've finally found the perfect pattern to show it off!

thats right cookie's monkey socks. yes i know everyone is knitting these. but it really does show off the colors and gradations perfectly

and of course no sock pattern is perfect in my eye so i've made a couple of changes...notice the lack of purl stitches. much cleaner this way i think. and i made the lace repeat taller/wider by adding another set of yo's and decreases

and these socks are flying. but what socks don't really? i'm having oodles of fun and i'm sure mom will love them.

2 pair of socks for mom in one week you ask?
well i dyed the yarn especially for her so it seems mean to keep it for myself.
but i am in love with this treadsoft. from catnip. go get some. the bounce is wonderful. the sheen loverly. the knit fabric feels like it has elastic. its superwash. nice and tidy 8.5-9 stitches to the inch so it makes a comfortable weight sock. i am in love. and i'm trying to get dave to let me go and buy a whole cone (3 lbs worth). and he says it's ok. now that is the wierd part. but he has this strange idea to have me knit and sell socks. please agree with me that this is a bad idea...the hours of work and love involved! no way. however i could be persuaded to sell me a little handpainted yarn...hmmm.

gosh lost in my musings i almost forgot to show the actual progress shots. oops. here we are. just turned the heels now its time to zoom up those legs :)

spiffy huh?



Blogger WandaWoman said...

I do love the Monkey socks, as I've already knit the socks myself.

Blogger Lorena said...

Very spiffy! I have not yet jumped on the Monkey bandwagon (it's in my queue though...) but I think I might take your mods to heart when I do get around to it. Lovely!


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