well almost!

i haven't woven in all those ends but they are cast off. finally. and they fit and i'm ecstatic. now bring on the snow! oh and in case you were wondering...the colors are pretty true there and if you're not sure. yes i have a sunburn. and my pants are orange. the socks are plum, mustard, olive, and magenta. i have no color sense i know.

dave pointed this out today when i wore the same orange pants with a green shirt and blue socks today with my grey hiking shoes. sigh. as if anything really ever goes with orange. isn't that the point?

sock specs.
yarn: dale of norway falk almost 5 balls. needles: knitpicks options size ones. cast on: ages ago cast off: five minutes ago. recipient my future self. ( i have to wait to wear these till we are in the presence of snow)

ok i'm gonna go work on mom's monkey's (the legs are about half done or more) and finish watching corpse bride. something to ponder...what if tim burton had done the harry potter movies. hmm? wouldn't that be something?



Blogger Dee said...

Snow? In Florida? I assume you'll be heading north to wear these socks. They are very cute and colorful.

It was very nice meeting you today at Starbuck's.

Happy knitting!

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Those socks turned out very cute! Love all those stripes but think you might be a bit crazy for weaving in all those ends! :-)


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