harry potter (don't worry no spoilers here)

me, my wristband, my book 7 temporary tattoo, and of course the book :)

i'd never been to a midnight party before and seeing as it was the last chance, we decided to go. you had to wait in line for a wristband to buy the book, and then again to buy the book once they called your dot color...that blue dot meant i was in the fourth group. 300 people got the book before me! now i'm a fairly patient person. but 2 lines? three if you count the 45 minutes i had to wait at the cafe for coffee...sigh.

at least we were at a book store. plenty of activities were planned and there was an endless supply of books to peruse.
but dave got a little bored.
and cranky.
oh well.
we did the math to decide how much the store made by staying open late... holy cow! i mean we left with harry potter, a membership card and 4 other books. and we're going back for others we saw we wanted. i mean they have the feynman lectures in a boxed set! and the ember series, the golden copmass. gosh i mean dave has a christmas list to last forever now!

i had my book by 12:45p
i was home in a comfy chair readind by 1:15a
my eyes were closing themselves by 3:30a
i was up reading in my favorite chair by 9:00a
dave was bugging me about reading straight through by 11:30a
brief pause for lunch at 2:00p
stumbled out after finishing at 4:30p

less than 15 hours and book 7 is over.
dave hasn't ever cracked book 6 yet.


Blogger Karen said...

So did you like it? (I'm the first in my crowd of friends to finish it! I guess they aren't as obsessed as me.) I tried to get into the Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 but didn't make it in this time ... maybe next time!

Blogger Lacey said...

I feel the same way. I am sad that its over. I thought the book was great. I am slowly rereading it a second time. J.K. is being interviewed on the Today show today and tomorrow, and Dateline Sunday night will be devoted to Harry Potter.


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