mega boots stretch that is.
check out my yarny mousey!

isn't he twee!

ok i've officially lost my mind.
that is ok.
no reason to panic.
pair number 3 on the needles right now is obviously not getting the love numbers 1 and 2 are. sorry mousey.
but thats kinda how i feel about the socks.
the yarn halos.
it's soft and is squishy.
don't get me wrong they're knitting up into beautiful socks.
just not fabulous.
not wonderful.
just socks.

i'm using a variation on the lacy scallop sock stitch pattern that i used for my sockpaloooza socks.
i figured it would do the blues justice.
kinda look like waves?
yes no?
i need some opinions here.
i hated to go with straight stockinette because well it would bore me to tears but honestly.
what do you think?
do i frog?

oh and i've just realized...there are 2 more pair of socks i forgot to mention...we're extending the series for 2 more episodes people!

post edit:
sigh. jsut wasn't loving these they've been sent to the frog pond! not the one out back (yes, we actually have a pond with frogs) but hback to the stash to wait for the proper pattern and time



Blogger WandaWoman said...

You're right, you are insane. The new socks for your sockapalooza pal look good, definitely keep going.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

hated to cause confusion here its the same pattern i used from the previous sockpalooza exchange...i'm keeping these buggers! :)


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