finished socks

ok so i know i dropped off the planet ofr a little while.
but here is evidence that it was time well spent :)

these are for my mom. that's why they may look a little big. she has bigger feet than me.
dodged that bullet.
gotta love genetics eh?
i mean i have big feet. i'm not gonna lie.
but hers are bigger ;)
i wanted to make them for myself.
i love that heathery oatmeal color but do i really need worsted weight wool socks?
in florida?
happy thanksgiving mom :)

they were a fun knit. and very quick.
and check out my very first eye of partridge heel

not bad if i do say so myself.
they were knit toe up on addi size one circs.
the yarn is dale falk.
3 balls.
i used all but a yard i think.
and the cable is adapted from one of the ones in the vogue cables book.
sort of vauge, i know.
and i made notes.
but have misplaced my notebook temporarily.
lucky i'm not planning to start any new socks eh?

i've been fascinated lately by cables that disappear into stockinette.
so there you go.
disappearing cable.

i've got a couple or 3 more pair of socks on the needles.
i'll share soon i swear i just have to take photos.
no work tomorrow.
what will i do with all that time off?
i see progress shots in your future.
yes i do.



Blogger Karen S said...

I liiiiiiike! Have been quite cable fascinated myself lately (no signs of it stopping anytime soon).
I think your mom will like them very much.

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Very nice socks. Your mom will love them. And you're right no need for worsted weight socks in FL! Hahaha!


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