thigh high

not to be confused with sky high. a truly terrible movie. but that, is beside the point. i promised to tell you about the socks i'm knitting for a friend. ok pick yourself up. yes i'm knitting thigh high socks for a friend but its ok. no i haven't suffered some kind of head injury. well not another one at least. and that is healing rather nicely i think. i haven't had a headache all day :)

so anyway. the socks. so far that is.

i think they would be knee high by now. on her. but i need updated measurements. no i doubt she's growing. i think i may have made an error. me? an error? i know. anyhoo.

outside of right leg

inside of the same

and the back.
i know it's hard to see the increases on the back. here is this better?

i decided that the increases made the most sense this way. and cathi and i decided how i chould do the increases for the thigh and i promptly forgot. damn. will have to ask for further assistance i guess.

the yarn is kona superwash sport. a rare comodity anymore it seems. drought in australia. no more merino for a while. gasp. for further notice...i'm hoarding my stash. i handpainted this back in... gosh was it january? the toe heel and future ribbing are dale baby ull in lavendar. matched perfectly. thanks janet for helping me match that... the stitch pattern is adapted from vogue stitionary. forget the page # or stich name. double damn. oh and the pattern is obviously only on the outside of the leg with stockinette on the inside. and i'd love to finish and see if these will fit her.

cross fingers.



Blogger Karen S said...

They are gorgeous!!! Wonderful pattern and beautiful colours, and I do love the little detail at the increases!

I will cross my fingers
Karen S

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

omg i love those! are you making it up as you go along or do you have a pattern for reference?

Blogger Kimberly said...

Love em! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous Liz in Raleigh said...

You've got me a little scared there with your "rare commodity" comment. I use the Kona Fingering as the base yarn for the sock yarn I dye and sell... I've noticed it's on backorder from a lot of retailers, but I haven't tried to order any recently (I buy mine straight from Henry's Attic)... Is it really unavailable for the foreseeable future? *gasp* You're gonna make me cry! :(

On a happier note, your knee-highs look absolutely lovely!! I'm jealous. :)

Anonymous Kate said...

Just to clarify: yes, there is a major drought here in Australia. But that doesn't mean the immediate cessation of merino yarn from our farmers. Many farmers have been forced to sell off a large portion of their stock and just run their premium breeding stock, but there is still plenty of high quality merino wool being produced here, some of it by my friends and neighbours.
Please continue buying Australian merino as it is not only the best on the planet, but our farmers are doing it tough at present and need all the support they can get!

Anonymous Dipsy said...

Totally gorgeous! I so love the colorway, and the pattern is really beautiful too! Fingers crossed that they'll fit - but hey, I'm sure they will!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

didn't mean to cause a merino panic. the supplier i buy from said it's going to be out for a while so to just know that. she can't get anymore and doesn't know when its going to be coming back. thats where i got my info. sorry for the confusion. thanks for all the compliments guys :)

as for the pattern question. its a stitch pattern i picked out and other than that i'm winging it :)


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