sock week continues

remember these guys?
i started them forever ago.
shirley got me the yarn for my birthday 2 years ago...

well they'd been crammed in with some other unfinished (possibly indefinitely abandoned) projects in a knitting bag i never use. i found them last week and figured what the hell :)

i've finished the last green stripe now and am working on the ribbing. and see those scissors? you know what that means. there are about a million ends to weave in. you know how i hate finishing. yuck!

i can't wait to go someplace cold to wear them. remember that conversation we had about worsted weight socks and how i couldn't wear them down here? well these too are made from dale of norway's falk. sigh. can we get some snow down here? i'm sure it wouldn't hurt the palm trees :)



Anonymous Dipsy said...

Those socks look absolutely awesome - but poor you, all those ends that you'll have to weave in! Then again - it'll be worth it! Great job!

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Oh, those are so many ends to weave end, but the socks look great!

Blogger Jenifer said...

I remember those!! Has it really been two years??!! Loved your hogwarts packages! Hope you're having a not too hot summer!

Anonymous Shirley said...

Oh, I reconized that :D Has it really been 2 years? feels like Lesley and I had just gone to Shuttle a few days ago.

Blogger Lorena said...

I know what you mean about ends, but... dang! Those socks look great!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

ends ends ends. i'm not even gonna think about them for a while they're going in the unfinished indefinitely bin again. not like i can even wear them :)


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