so i know school isn't out yet but i had to share because serious disaster has been averted. the other day i was at school and i reached for my backpack for my ipod because the library was particularly loud and i was trying to finish my homework.
(which isn't done yet but almost. i'm just trying to plot a sinc function in a dispersion relation for a double slit fraunhofer thingy. honestly i can't remember the rest of the problem off the top of my head. its early. anyway...silly mathematica doesn't want to divide by zero...d'oh. for you non geeks out there this means the pretty picture that comes with a function won't draw itself on the magic screen :) but otherwise i've done the rest of the assignment. algebra hell and all. but i did it and almost all by myself. except for having to ask tara (one of my classmates) if tangent is cosine over sine or vice versa. i always forget that stuff. i have no idea why. myabe my brain is full...anyway)
so yeah reaching for ipod. and i plug in the horribly uncomfortable headphones ( i need to get new ones) and try to turn on the magic music box and nothing happens...and i want to cry. i borrow a cable from a classmate and it won't charge. nothing, nada, no response. i'm not ready to cry all thoughts of homework are gone. i'm ready to cut out a little cardboard headstone sing amazing grace and all, and the kid sitting across from me is laughing cause he's always saying i'm not nice enough to my ipod. sorry but i don't worship the thing. i just can't function without it. can't drown out the voices in my head without it...
i even asked a techie friend why it wouldn't work and he just gave me that look like i'm sorry...its gone. actually it was the same look he gave me after he stepped on my pda. obliterated the screen by the way. don't reccomend it...so yeah. next, i called the guy that fixes things that lives in the phone. and mike is my hero. what i don't understand is how his name keeps changing...and how he knows so much. but anyway. he asked me a zillion unrelated questions (or so i think) and he convinced me to give him 47 dollars to continue to provide his services he placed his hand on its head (hollered a prayer) and lo and behold the ipod came back to life. coughing etc. just like on ER. and i have to let it recharge but i should be able to take it with me to school tomorrow jus tlike before! yeay!
k, thats my story.


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