catch (part 2 a)

so i just wanted to do a quick turkey day update, mostly cause my mom set out his gorgeous centerpiece thingy and i just had to share. she made me take the picture. isn't that cute!

we were all at dinner and for some reasonmy mom remembered that she used to volunteer at my school (when i was in kindergarten mind you) and they used to screen kinds for motor skills (i'm sure i failed miserably) and hearing and all that. and she told us a story at dinner after turkey about a little girl she screened. she had asked the ittle girl what her name was ad the girl wouldn't talk and wouldn't talk and wouldn't and my mom was tryin gto make her laugh and all kinds of stuff but she wouldn't even crack a smile. my mom was starting to think there was somehting wrong with the kid, and finally mom asked her what her mommy calls her and she said "puuuuuunkinnnnn" and this being in texas all those extra vowels were totally expected.


Blogger Wanda said...

That is a pretty centerpiece for the table!


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