catchin up part 3

so my astronomy class went on this great trip to new mexico back in october. thats the trip i knit my moms socks on...12 hour sin the car one way.. ugh. anyway we got to see these nifty telescopes that i would kill to ge tto observe on on a regular basis. and i mean literally. i'd kill myself, cause to get to i'd have to go to grad school. and i just can't do that. no more school!
anyway then we went and saw some bigger telescopes

remember contact? yeah but get this! jodie foster never got to do this! hardly anybody gets to climb up into the dishes. oh by the way thats my classmates, or some of em and my ta who thinks he's really old or something. put him in his place. he's got like a year on me or something....and he holds his liquor better than i do so i have to give him props...we broke the rules for the trip and a handful of us stayed up all night and drank a bottle of vodka while playing cards. do astronomers know how to have fun or what? oh don't tell anyone about that...it wasn't allowed :) this climp to the top of the radio dish (the 25 meter across radio dish wow) did i mention i'm terrified of heights! holy crap i thought i was gonna die!
and finally i had a lot of fun taking photos of bizarre signs we saw all over the place...in telescope housings there were signs saying "warning oxygen defficient atmosphere." oh and there were all kinds of wierd singns on businesses including a cafe with the name "instant karma." i didn't ask. maybe a hint to tip your barrista? anyway heres the pick of the trip...
do you see what i see? i always thought notices were supposed to bring your attention to something of notice. oh well.


Blogger Paolo F said...

Hey! I could use an image like this - and more, if you have them -on the voLabulary(http://volabulary.blogspor.com) :-)

Do you think we could reach an agreement (with all due credit given, of course)?

Blogger Paolo F said...

that was meant to be "http://volabulary.blogspoT.com, of course...

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

sure use it i guess. :) i just thought it was amusing.


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