that damn hat!

sorry, but really i thought it would never be done! imen it looks like one hat but really its two... and i think it turned out ok. it was my first try at double knitting. i figured if he wanted it to be warm it would be this way. but not too warm since its acrylic. yes, i know, but he lives in houston! what am i supposed to do? give the kid heat stroke by using wool? its caron simply soft, and as far as acrylic goes i could do worse i guess, and it is stash yarn so. anyway, i'm yeah. i'll shut up! oh, and if you're wondering, "he" is my nephew, 15 (i think) geez am i terrible or what??? so here it is finished. hope he likes it.

and another thing, so that i don't have to knit full sized stuff for the rest of the family, don't have time but relaly want to make a little sweater for my other nephew, he's 3, wouldn't something 3 year old sized be cute??? wow, i'm getting wierd...anyway, as for everybody who you haven't seen presents knttied for yet, they're getting teeney sweaters attached to the front of their packages, i've yet to bend out teeney hangers to go withthe teeney sweaters so they can be hung on the tree after they open their gifts. i'm gonna get to that tomorrow.
these are for my sister's family. one more to go. a mommy sweater a baby sweater have to make his dad's still. but i'm not worried, they don't take long. see, the larger one is only 3 inches high :)


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