can't resist urge

to post. i've been trying to sate myself with reading up on all my girls progress. promising myself i'd just post when i finished up the semester but i have to brag about all the beautiful things i'm seeing on their blogs. i know there must be people who knit more but i don't see many people often who have this much going on! and omg this sweater is gorgeous! not to mention this. love that turtle thingy! and the yarn oh gods the yarn! you're making me drool. i mean i've sworn off the stuff. must use stash. no new yarn! i had to since i told the evil ones to shove it! i mean who schedules a student to work while they're in class!!! so i don't make coffee any more, and it means i have a little more free time i'm planning to intentionally throw myself off a couple of mountains this season! of course thats after finals. i'll be free this time next monday! woo hoo. and then i swear ill photograph all my finished and not so finished projects. i remembered that i promised to knit christmas for my brother, his girlfriend and my stepmom. not so bad. 2 down one to go. but alas i must run. if i didn't mention your blog its cause i forgot to not cause i haven't been reading you. love you guys we have to knit soon!


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