knit night

well i got together with the girls tonight. we had a great time knitting. it was good to see everybody. and, wonder of wonders i actually made progress tonight. got the soles of the ballet slippers done and started up te body of one! woo hoo. i might actually get these done before christmas! and even better, i finally got to see string. (and try as i might i can't find a wesite for this store. go figure) i absolutely love that shop! i can't believe i never went there! and i even picked up some yarn to make this. i've been trying to decide what to make it from and i found the perfect solution! that will be my travel knitting. i'll also take a pair of socks to work on, if i can find my sock yarn. oh and dave's hat...long car trip what can i say?


Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow ... I can so tell that finals are over. :) Happy New Year!


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