i'm kinda in a little trouble but its not that bad...

so it started with this suri merino from the bargain bin...

and i had promised to make dave a hat... (yeah i know he thought the last one was too big but its ok. he likes the way my brother's turned out so if i can duplicate the result...anyway.

and i have to make 2 pair of the fiber trends felted ballet slippers...

and the icing on the cake michaels had a secret sale on novelty and i've been eyeing this ticker tape ribbon yarn for a year... so there we have it my no buying yarn promise out the window...but $2.79??? how could i resist?

and in my defense this hat for my nephew (his christmas hat shhhh don't tell) is entirely made of stash yarn. so i've moved 2 balls from stash to leftovers after i finish this so i'm not completely fired...the question is can i finish it? that and the slippers. well just one pair, but both before christmas??? no i'mnot crazy, i'm not talking about the real christmas the one thats a few days after the real christmas. the one that happens at dad's house!

anyway those are my recent additions to the stash, and they won't be stash for long i've got plans for it all!


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