knittin catch up (part 1)

as you know its been a realllllly long time since i had time to post (and i mean really post)

so... here goes. school is out finals are over. i wouldn't say the semester was a smashing success, unless you mean the kind like when theres a bull in a china shop. with lots of crashing. but anyway. the grades are not in yet, i cannot be too pessimistic. lets just say i couldn't answer but one of the question son my saturday exam...d'oh
but the one last night went pretty well in comparison. i answered 3 of 6!!! woo hoo!

so anyway, last night before the final shirley told me that i had to wait for her if i finished before her. so i waited and she came out and she gave me...wait i need to give a little background.

so, we're all familiar with the holiday taboo, of regifting. its supposed to be terrible its supposed to be wrong and evil. cause you're just giving someone something that you got that you never wanted right? well what if the person gives you something they love. something they haven't been able to get for themselves since they moved away from hong kong when they were in high school? shirley gave me 2 pair of socks mailed here all the way from hong kong. see lookit see! the sticker proves it!

socks, from hong kong. her bestest friend there sends these to her since she can't get them here. they are her favorites and she gave me 2 of her 4 pair that she gets yearly. see her friend sends her these every year cause she loves them. and my sweet wonderful friend decided to share! you might wonder why this is such a big deal...see i happen to have a sock problem. i love socks. i hate shoes (yes i'm a terrible terrible woman) but i love socks.
mom gives me a pair before every exam for luck. and they are completely wacky every color of the rainbow with all kinds of patterns and colors that don't go! anyway shirley likes things single colors she doesn't like varigated yarn (i know don't get me started she's sick) stripes etc. are ilegal in her book. so anyway. she doesn't understand my odd socks. but she knows i love socks. and whenever she wears a pair she thinks are particularly exciting (two colors in one garment mind you) she pulls up her pant leg to show me. our classmates do not understand when she says look at my socks! but i get it.
so anyway where was i? oh, yes socks. shirley gave me these. and i had to share cause they are comfy and wonderful and she's a dear. and i mismatched them just for her! thank you shirley!

and while we are on socks. (now this goes back a ways...) back in october. yes i know...i ought to have posted. anyway. i bought some sock yarn for me and for my mom....in that order in the below photo. she picked the purple (mine) and left me with the yellow and green. figures...so i decided to try this whole 2 circular needle thingy and i'm sold!

i even splurged on addis!

and by the way...i love them! i'm sold on those too. fantastic needles i get it now. i'll show you the photo of the finished socks tomorrow, i figure it would be bad to sneak into my mother's room just to photograph the socks i mean she's sleeping. i'd give her a heart attack if i crawled into the room to dig through the chest of drawers in the dark. so yeah FO report tomorrow. but they've been done since my trip class trip to new mexico. oh hell never posted those photos either i'm in for a long night :)

but anyway...i've been busy i have been working on christmas knitting. here's my brother's hat. completed, green as requested and it should fit his size 7.25 head perfectly...he's not here to model so i'll fill in.


Blogger Wanda said...

Nice hat! I'm sure your brother will appreciate it. Congrats on passing your exams with such great grades! And Shirley is a good friend to give up her socks from HK for you!


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