negative progress.

and that's how i feel about that.

i frogged the leg of my sockpalooza socks today. i realizedthat there wasn't enough ease in the leg for her heel t fit through. duh. and i hadn't tried the socks on because they're way too teeny to fit me so why would i right? i mean the foot is too short and too narrow for my big old feet. so how could i right? should have tried. anyhoo. back to the top of the heel. adding a few stitches and going up a needle. bah humbug!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bah humbug indeed! But socks that you can get on your feet are always the best sort... :-)


Your Secret Sock Knitting Pal
x x x

Anonymous Kate said...

I hate that. I had to frog a Jaywalker just yesterday for the same reason. Fortunately, it was only for me; I'm still waiting on my Sockapalooza yarn.
In other news, you are hereby tagged to post seven random facts about yourself to your blog. Don't hate me, I had to come up with seven people, and as I'm new to the blogosphere, I had to improvise. Feel free to ignore it if you've already done it, or just don't want to.

Blogger adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

You have been tagged..!!
Please go to my blog for further instructions..
*+*Magic pixie Knitter*+*



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