sockpalooza begins

i know i know the whole thing got going a while ago. what can i say i'm a bit slow on the starting block sometimes. what do you think so far?

fascinating i know. stockinette ;) oh. you want to see the top of the sock. ok. if you insist.

baudelaire. i always thought that these socks would look fantastic in green and here's my chance. i know i said i wanted to dye some yarn for this exchange and i still may for a bit of a treat to go in the package. but i wanted to pick an interesting pattern and i hated to have the colors detract from tha tyou know? i've been knitting so many multi colored socks lately i guess i just needed a break :)

i started this post yesterday and got called in to work so i didn't get to finish and i've been knitting a bit here and there since i started and wow! they are knitting up so incredibly fast. i had no idea socks could be this quick. i guess it helps that my pal has teensy feet (compared to me that is) can you believe it. i'm ready to start the heel.

now i know it's not a short row heel and there's plenty of the foot still left to go. but i'm starting to wonder if i'm actually going to need the two whole balls of baby ull that i started with... sigh. oh well maybe i can make something else with the leftovers.

now here's a question for you. how would i go about figuring out how big to make a little pair for pal's daughter? i mean if i ask for measurements it's obvious what i'm planning to do. those of you with kiddos. any sugggestions? i know the matchy thing is dorky but i think it would be fun to make even teensier socks. :)

sorry for the bad picture. its all grey out today from clouds and i guess more smoke. yuck it reeks out there.

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Blogger s b said...

If you know the age of your pal's daughter, there is an chart of average foot sizes in "Knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. What a special idea! Love the socks!

Blogger Cathi said...

I can compare it against my kiddos, if you want- and if you aren't sure, you can always make them a tad bigger, since the mom socks will always fit.

Blogger Terri Lynn said...

What I do to get current sizes for the small children in our family is this. Make up a drawing game - you know like making turkeys out of hand tracings.. Now trace her foot, hmmm... can't think of anything to do with a foot.. More hand turkey drawings. Stick the foot in your pocket and take it with you. Work toe up socks. Just lay them over the tracing. Adjust the size so that the sock in progress covers the tracing almost exactly the same size. Where the foot gets narrower toward the ankle is where you start your gusset increases. Increase by about 1" worth of stitches on each of the two 'back' needles - go around the heel however you like and you're home free up the leg. It sounds so weird, but it works for me every time.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

unfortunately i can't do the tracing game. (and i've done that with my nephew before) see its for sockpalooza and i'm never gonna meet these kiddos in person. and turns out there's more than one so i may have to rethink or start knitting realy soon ;)

Anonymous Julia said...

Hey, beautiful socks so far! And two socks at once, wow... Your needles are ON FIRE, GIRL! I still can't believe how many pairs you've made recently, and they all look fantastic!!
I'm actually making Baudelaires for my sockpal in burgundy:-)But so far my progress pretty much equals yours on the second pic, just with ONE sock, though!


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