finished objects for tuesday!

well i've been knitting as much as 9 straight days at work allows. and i have a few updates to share. i absolutely flew through these socks for my sockpalooza 4 pal. they were so fun to knit and i think they look rather elegant in green. its just perfect that the only place with good natural light for photographs is my plant shelf ;)

a few details for you:
pattern: starting point - baudelaire
variations: knit toe up using my usual toe, i cast on more stitches, used a short row heel, and continued cable through extended 2x2 ribbing at top.
yarn: dale baby ull in deep green
needles: 2 knitpicks circs - zero's for foot and lower leg, one's for upper leg

see that nifty fossilized shell on the shelf. no idea where i picked it up or when but it stretches knitting nicely for stitchy closeup ;)

oh and if that comment about the cable in th erib made no sense...here's what i meant.

i'd also like to share my first completed hogwarts sock in hufflepuff colors.
drumroll please!

whew! i raced throught the feet of both socks so that i would have extra time to work on the colorwork and i am glad i did. the leg took longer than most do for me. i think its because i have a gimpy left hand and cannot knit continental style. which makes 2 colors at once a pick up and drop affair. yuck. but i love love love the colorwork and want to try something new. immediately. oh. yeah. still have to knit the second sock. oh damn. this is why i knit two at once. sigh oh well. i guess i can go start on sock #2's colorwork instead! this is tons of fun though. i wasn't sure how tall i wanted the socks to be and they are pretty tall i didn't measure but i'd like to say that the leg is probably...oh heck hang on let me go measure now i'm curious...wow huh. 10.5 inches. no don't worry i'll be able to make the second sock the same. i took notes. sort of. i tinkered with adding stitches to increas ethe leg size but i don't know my pal's leg size and hated ask afraid it might be obvious. so i just went up needles sizes at what i thought were appropriate lengths. 0's to 1's to 2's i know... me knit a sock on 2's? just don't tell ok. i'm afraid it might get out that i knit on big needles or something ;) the sock doesn't appear to get larger in the leg but it definately does get stretchier near the top an dyuo can get your foot through the leg. i tried this one on. its closer to my sixe than the sockpalooza socks so i took liberties. after both socks are done i'll be giving these a bath though so don't worry :)

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Blogger WandaWoman said...

I like the Baudelaires very much. Just don't want to do the toe-up thing. The Red Herring sock is coming along great too! Can you be my pal? ;-)

Blogger Bronte said...

The Baudelaire socks are gorgeous. I love the colour! And your Hufflepuffs are splendid. I really admire your knitting really long legs!

Your socks are blocking now, BTW. :-)

Blogger Jenifer said...

Beautiful job! I really really love those hufflepuff socks, too!!

Blogger Karen S said...

Very very nice socks!!! Do like the hufflepuffs with that colorwork.

Blogger Rebecca said...

VERY NICE Hufflepuff socks! YAY!

I have long wanted to knit the Baudelaire socks and your pictures make me want to give them a try. I have not yet knit from the toe up although I did start a blog group called My First Toe Ups to give me a boost to jump in!

Anonymous Janet said...

I realize I have no right to talk since I don't have a blog myself, but can we get some updates around here? :)


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