hufflepuff socks in progress

i'm finally getting around to posting progress on my hogwarts sock swap socks. i had to be at work at 5 this morning and just got back. ugh. really. don't get me started.

anyhoo. i'm having tons of fun with these socks. it is my first attempt at colorwork or stranding of any kind and its turning out great if i do say so myself. i read up on some tutorials i'm not twisting my strands or anything i keep telling myself "yellow go high, black go low" i keep saying it in my head along with "yellow yellow black black yellow black. ok. repeat." i feel like a nut and dave absolutely cannot interrupt or i have to tink out a whole row. ack!

i always (unless i absolutely have to and then i cry) knit two socks at once on two circulars. and thats how i was doing these until i gott ot the colorwork and then i decided that 4 balls of yarn 2 sets of needles and 2 socks in inverted colors were toooo much for my poor little brain so as you can see i stopped the mostly yellow sock and decided to just work on the mostly black for now. hence the crying. i hate finishing a sock and having to start on the second. it just kills me. i never knit on dpns. they hurt my hands you know? i have tons but don't use them. not ever. unless i'm at the top of a hat and i have to you know? sigh. oh well. i'm workingon 2 circs now but its so awkward for 1 sock and they're not long enough to do magic loop. sigh.

oh i guess i should say pattern and yarn and stuff. sorry i'm a little scattered. work was a nightmare and i'm not fully recovered mentally yet. while i try to remmeber all that here's a really blurry cell phone closeup of the stitches i swear they are even and tdy and theres plenty of room to get a heel through the leg. whew i was really nervous about that part!

i think its looks pretty cool. did i mntion this is my first try!

ok. here goes details

pattern: red herring off knitty.

variations: knit toe up. w/ my standard toe. (ask if you're curious.) used 72 stitches (instead of pattern's 64) for both leg and for foot for better fit hourglass heel. may increase for calf if needed.

yarn: sisu in yellow and black (obviously) i've got 2 balls each and i'm planning to make these sort of tall but not knee high. i'm making inverted for colors as to have a pseudo mismatched dobby sock set. but above the shoe line they will look similar enough to not look silly in public :) just so the wearer knows :)

needles: 2 sets of 2 circs addi turbo 0's for the foot, 1's for the leg for more roominess

recipient: some lucky hufflepuff (haha you thought i was telling didn't you?)

cast on 5/21/07
cast off soon i hope :)

i've also got my pal's needles sitting in my knitting basket ready to grab and send. i've been looking for some extra treats and the perfectthing just hasn't come along yet. oh and i made the most perfect stitch markers but i'm not posting about them yet. they are still a secret!

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Blogger Jen Smith said...

Oooohh, lovely socks there. I think all the Hufflepuff ladies are being thoroughly spoiled by such gorgeous House socks. I am hard pressed to choose a favorite, but these are going towards the top of the list!

Well done.

Anonymous Tanya said...

Just go ahead and send them my way! Seriously, they are gorgeous!

Blogger Shannah said...

Fabulous socks!

And thanks for the comment. It's always good to know that others are touched by the same things...

Anonymous Marie P said...

Nice socks! Can I be your pal? :D

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks for all the compliments guys. i'm having oodles of fun knitting these!

Blogger CynCyn said...

socks look great!! looks like most of the mile high galz are obsessed with socks right now (me included).


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