i've almost convinced dave to wash his handknit socks on gentle cycle. but we shall see. thank god for superwash huh? at least he washes my socks on gentle. more often than not though i just do the laundry ;) whew. i'd hate to destroy these guys.

thats right it's finally time to reveal all those socks you've heard so much about :) and have been bugging me to post about.

from left to right:
  • simple socks. handpainted dale baby ull in 2x2 rib. knit on 2 knitpicks size 1 circ's. for these i chose a reverse heel flap a'la widdershins with minor changes for gauge. cast on 4/27, cast off 5/2/07. i do love the colors if i do say so myself. thankd again jenifer for teaching me to dye. i highly reccomend going the baby ull route. it is sooo so soft afterdying. as if it weren't to start with right?
  • trekking socks #2. variation on interweave's embossed leaves. knit on2 sets of addi size 0's. knit toe up with a short row heel until i ran out of yarn. cast on 2/16, cast off 4/26/07. a little orange for my taste but thats what sue had in stock and who am i to argue right?
  • twisty socks. plymouth sockotta. combination of knits and purls used to create a diagonal purl ridge. knit on susan bates quicksilver circs in size 1 fr the foot and addi size one for the leg. (yes they're different sizes who knew?) cast on october '06, cast off january '07. love love love these socks. they make me think of the edge chronicles. which you miust read or at least read to your kids. great stories. i listened to them on audio while i wasknitting if you're wondering of the connection there :)
  • opposites socks in lorna's laces compliments of cathi. knit toe up in 2x3 rib. again with a reverse heel flap (this was my first try at this). i used 2 knitpicks size 0's circs for these. cast on 3/3. cast off 3/23/07. started these just before leaving denver. finished these in the car on the way. they're my transition socks.
  • my first trekking socks. falling leaves. knit toe up on my addi size 0's. for the foot. 1's for the uppper leg. cast on november '06, cast off december '06. love lovce love these socks sooo much love trekking. i might just have to go and get some more :)
  • easter egg socks. the yarn is gedifra. these are the first socks knit out of my sock yarn from germany stash.i knit these on o's as well, the knitpicks if memory serves. cast on november '06, cast off december'06. i knit these predominately on my breaks at my old starbucks. one of the kids was constantly telling me how ugly they were. brat. they did pool rather strangely. one sock is completely different from the other and where there was a break in the yarn they started to look the same. figures.
the recipient of all the above socks? well me of course :)



Blogger Cathi said...

I suppose this will do, since I'm not able to see the socks in person. I love the Art Yarny ones, and I am curious to see the Embossed Leaves one a bit more too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lovely range of colours. I think the yarn I have chosen for your special socks will suit you perfectly. :-)


Your Secret Sock Knitting Pal

x x x

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Whee, what pretty socks, all of them. They look great.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

is that enough more for you? ;)


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