date ups

(thats side down upways "updates" for those of you with out a concussion)
and i don't think i actually have a concussion. but my head really hurts and i'm kinda dizzy and get nauseous when i try to turn my head or walk around and stuff...lets just say i highy unreccomend reading before bed. especially if you keep harry potter in a nice safe place like on the bedside table. cause you could (if you have gravity issues like me) reach for your book to read before bed, fall off the bed and smack your head (right between the eyes) on the wastebasket between the bed and the bedside table. and if you read before bed and had such a silly thing happen to you then if were lucky a dave might magically appear to bring you frozen mixed stir fry vegetables to ice your face. unfortunately i'm sporting a couple of faint shiners (that ice wasn't quite fast enough) and have a kinda turvey topy head right now.

in knitting news
i have a hogwarts update. we've decided on the red herring socks. assuming i don't botch the colorwork entirely. and i found a great little online yarn shop. they ship for free. they're from colorado (yes its a *sign* but we'll work that out later) and they had the yarn i wanted. i thought. turns out the black is backordered so we're waiting. not terribly patiently for the black yarn to arrive. but in our impatience we are knitting other socks. so its ok. i should have them finished before the backordered black yarn arrives. cast on cast off in less than 2 weeks. what is that a new record for me? the yarn is some of my handpaint. i dyed it up at jenifer's little dying tutorial party. thanks so much by the way :) its dale baby ull. it was white and i think dying made it even softer somehow. i cannot wait to wear these :)

unfortunately my new store is not so multicolored sock friendly as my old store. so i don't ge tto wear all my handknit socks to work...the etended sock family is coming in a future post i promise. and while we're on the subject of stores...mine got robbed. i wasn't there. thank god. and no one was hurt. thanks due there also. but what the heck people. who holds up a starbucks? not to mention rude. but stupid. and scary to boot. and needless to say i'm looking for a new job. anybody looking for a gravity prone. somewhat coherent. fairly bright astrophysicist. really? anyone? no. damn.

back to knitting.
so we're debating sockpalooza - 4 socks now. and i think we have stash yarn. we're either going to use the dale baby ull in deep green or we're going to dye up some kona superwash in greens and blues and browns. we're going for muted. how un gravity-ish yes? but we must knit to order for swaps. so as i was saying...patterns. and choosing. the candidates are pomatomus, baudelaire, hedera, twisted flower, and thelonious. i know right? theres a pattern here to my pattern choices? i've never made a cookie sock. and that seems wierd. somehow. so we're deciding. input? yes no maybe?

ad if you're wondering why we went for the royal we for about 80% of this post...well my head feels puffy. over-stuffed. like there's to many of me in there since the fall. so we're going with it :)
yeah baby.

*oh and if you were wondering what the signs thing was about...dave thinks he's seeing signs that we shouldn't have left colorado. no don't, don't even get me started. he loves his job but isn't sure about orlando...

but anyway, the evidence:
-bought yarn online turns out its from gunbarrel
-cute little gourmet shop in oviedo (say oveedo) sells boulder beer, odell, and something else i can't remember now
-there's colorado tourism commercials here
-there's this cute little town called winter park near here
-colorado food on the local pub menu (not sure what it was but i'm sure dave would remember)
-oh, and i'm seeing csu sweatshirts now (yes the crazy is contagious)
i know there were more signs but they elude me now.

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Blogger WandaWoman said...

Dude, you crack me up and No, Dave cannot be seeing signs. Tell him to suck it up! Good luck on the job front. I hope something turns up for you soon. I'm glad that the store you work at that no one was hurt and that you weren't there when it happened. What is CO food? That's different. Can't wait to see pics of all this knitting in action. I signed up for Sockapalooza too. I should shop the stash first to see if I have any of the sockpal colors, although I don't think so.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'm sure Hermione would have a spell to cure concussion. :-)

Maybe I should knit you some nice purple and yellow socks to remind you of your bruises!


Your Secret Sock Knitting Pal


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