so my sockpal got her socks today. i have a new respect for the ups store i just mailed those puppie sout monday morning. wow!

my sockpal was patty. in connecticut. and she told me in an email this morning that she loves the socks. score! and now i can tell you all that when the exchange first started i had about 4 inches done on the socks and there was an update on the blue blog saying what sock people were kitting, and i almost died. because the photo patty had posted for the socks she was going to make for her pal were almost the same socks i was making. similar colors and pattern. too funny huh. i went ahead and made them though cause well...you knit what you like right? anyway. i just had to share. it has been a ton of fun knitting for patty and waiting for her to receive the package. its kinda sad its all over now :(

except i haven't seen my socks yet so i'm still excited about that :)

oh and believe it or not with all i have to get done before i leave for italy and with graduation and all, i offered to be a sock savior. yes i am insane! we shall see if i am picked. if not i have some gorgeous mountain colors that i'll just have to keep for myself :)


Anonymous sockpal2006 said...

i finished your socks very late last night and they are drying at home as we speak. tomorrow they will be winging their way from me to you, so hopefully you will have them before the weekend! i hope you like them!

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

LOL! great minds and all i guess.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

funny isn't it! i just can't believe the got there so fast!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

i am sure i will love them! thank you for all the efort. i hope they weren't too much trouble :)


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