sooo, its update time again! here we go! heres the italy cardi with the buttons laid out on top for scale

and here is the completed button band, i will sew on buttons after i block this sucker

and here is a closeup of those gorgeous buttons. they are perfect i love them! all that is left is to do those 3/4 sleeves and its wearable!

so the mailman came today! it was a good day. theres interweave, and a graduation card from my sister, and a graduation present from my mom's dear friends, and seethat up at the tippy top of the pile, thats my sockpaloooza socks!

my sockpal is karen of crazy basket lady see heres neige checking out my socks all wrapped up. karen is from san diego see :)

here is me wearing the perfectly fit socks! (they're blueberrywaffel. they're soft. did i mention they are a perfect fit ?

check out the perfect heel. seethis is why i never make a drop heel. i just can't make it look this nice. these are perfect. no holes!

this is the beautiful pattern on my socks.

and the nifty striping on the sole! i would still be wearing these. but i realized how much dog hair there is on my floor when i looked at these photos. no worries i'm cleaning tonight :) thankyou thankyou thankyou karen i love my socks!


Blogger Karen said...

I'm really, really glad that you love your socks Lesley! By the way, congratulations on graduating from college. That's something I have yet to do in my life, but someday, I'm going back to finish ... maybe not physics or astronomy, but I still think I will someday go back and finish. However, I do have to correct you on something, I'm from outside of Sacramento, not San Diego!

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

Beautiful cardi. LOVE the buttons. Congrats by the way. YAY! socks.

Blogger Wanda said...

Love those socks, they are beautiful. I made some socks last summer with the blueberry waffle stitch. I love that cardi too. What pattern was it again? Is that using the Silky Wool?

Anonymous Patty said...

You got as good as you gave!

Blogger Cathi said...

Those socks are great- you deserved some spoiling! Glad you had a great mail day.

Blogger Cathi said...

Oops- premature publishing. The cardi looks amazing! And those buttons are great- where did you pick them up? Did you make up that pattern?


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