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it would appear we have a chicken foot out of the shell :)

sorry thats terrible and makes noooooo sense. i'm just too excited to speak clearly. remember that terrifying phone interview i was talking about last week. well i expected to hear back by thursday at the latest. but i had a call first thing this morning. they want me to come back in for phase two!
can you believe it? i mean i can, because i know i'm wonderful. but they don't yet.
i'm in the top 3.
keep your fingers crossed.
cause i mean it would be really wonderful if i didn't have to keep looking for a job before and after my trip. imagine it could just be waiting for me to come back :))))))
squeaky yelling and jumping up and down is about to ensue!

oh and another thing. i mailed off my sockpaloooza socks this morning. they are happily on their way. whoopee! and school is almost over. omg i'm gonna split in two :)


Anonymous Patty said...

This is your sock pal writing to tell everyone how wonderful you are!! I LOVE my socks and goodies! The socks are on my feet and I have socks "in the bag".

Blogger Wanda said...

Congrats on the job thing! Hope phase two goes wonderfully for you!! Are you coming down to knit on Friday? Oh, wait, you have an exam on Saturday! Boo hiss! Good luck on the finals too? Hope to see you before Italy!


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